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Bonus Programs

"These websites have bonus programs that allow you to earn bitcoins by doing things like taking surveys, answering questions, trying apps, viewing advertisements, referring others to the website, and making purchases at other websites. Some of these have many of the same offers (but they give different payouts for participating in those offers). "

PTC& Visit Pages are nearly the same and both are adviewers.
you have to click some advertising links on 'ptc' (pay-to-click) sites- also 'visit' pages just showing websites for a few seconds.
(firefox/chrome addon)
Visit 1
Visit 2
Visit 3

Other Services

Q&A Earn
(earn by posting and answering questions)
Paste Earn
(post notes and get btc for hits)
Url Earn
(short links, ptc)

Quick Links

Buy Bitcoins
(alot of options to pay with)

Online Bitcoin Wallet
(monthly deposit earn)

Bitcoin Faucets
(Site with remember function on hourly faucets)

Delay Wallets
(find some 'missing' faucet income)
>>Wallet 1<<
>>Wallet 2<<

More Profitable
(non-btc earn)
(invest and earn double amount in few days)
(earn for inviting, page invites itself sometimes)
>>Best PTR<<
[+PTC] (automatic free daily payout)
>>Best PTC<<
(earn by visiting sites)

Bitcoin PTC Earn
(Get Paid for Click on Advertising)

Bitcoin Page Visiting Earn
(Get Paid for Visiting Pages)
(firefox/chrome addon)
>>Visit 1<<
>>Visit 2<<
>>Visit 3<<

Bitcoin Gaming Earn
(get paid for playing games)
>>Play 1<<

Other Services
>>Q&A Earn<<
>>Paste Earn<<
>>Url Earn<<

Mining Software

Mining Pool
(generate btc blocks, earn low amounts)