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A big problem of Bitcoins is the way you can get it.

Exchange Sites are often manipulated - for example you can find a large amount of different courses.

On the other side, many payment systems arent supporting bitcoins yet. So if you want to buy, it gets specifically until you dont find a page supporting your payment method.

An international accepted page, supporting nearly every method is listed in the quick links section on the right side
After the successfully activation of your wallet, you can transfer and exchange bitcoins with one single step!
For example transfer it to your Online Wallet (look quick links)

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Quick Links

Buy Bitcoins
(alot of options to pay with)

Online Bitcoin Wallet
(monthly deposit earn)

Bitcoin Faucets
(Site with remember function on hourly faucets)

Delay Wallets
(find some 'missing' faucet income)
>>Wallet 1<<
>>Wallet 2<<

More Profitable
(non-btc earn)
(invest and earn double amount in few days)
(earn for inviting, page invites itself sometimes)
>>Best PTR<<
[+PTC] (automatic free daily payout)
>>Best PTC<<
(earn by visiting sites)

Bitcoin PTC Earn
(Get Paid for Click on Advertising)

Bitcoin Page Visiting Earn
(Get Paid for Visiting Pages)
(firefox/chrome addon)
>>Visit 1<<
>>Visit 2<<
>>Visit 3<<

Bitcoin Gaming Earn
(get paid for playing games)
>>Play 1<<

Other Services
>>Q&A Earn<<
>>Paste Earn<<
>>Url Earn<<

Mining Software

Mining Pool
(generate btc blocks, earn low amounts)