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"Used to gives bitcoins out for free to each visitor. IP addresses that receive bitcoins were recorded, so that bitcoins were given only once to each address. It was operated by Gavin Andresen, however it is not functioning as of Jan 30 2013.

For Testnet there exists a different faucet that is working which gives out coins for people who want to do tests on the Testnet. The testnet faucet also has a simple wallet available to hold testnet coins."
- Source

"It is a site, that gives away bitcoins to anyone, that just gives their address."

First i collected faucets in a list too. but then ive found that page listed at the quick links- now you can join a site with nearly all faucets added in a great system which reminds you for example if a faucet is available again!




some faucets arent included in the multifaucet yet:
Faucet 2
Faucet 3
Faucet 4
Faucet 5
Faucet 6
Faucet 7
Faucet 8
Faucet 9
Faucet 10



Delay Wallets

Some faucets wont pay your bitcoins directly to the wallet, they store it on delay wallets until youve got enough btc to prevent pointless fees (each delay wallet use their own limit)
Wallet 1
Wallet 2

Quick Links

Buy Bitcoins
(alot of options to pay with)

Online Bitcoin Wallet
(monthly deposit earn)

Bitcoin Faucets
(Site with remember function on hourly faucets)

Delay Wallets
(find some 'missing' faucet income)
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More Profitable
(non-btc earn)
(invest and earn double amount in few days)
(earn for inviting, page invites itself sometimes)
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[+PTC] (automatic free daily payout)
>>Best PTC<<
(earn by visiting sites)

Bitcoin PTC Earn
(Get Paid for Click on Advertising)

Bitcoin Page Visiting Earn
(Get Paid for Visiting Pages)
(firefox/chrome addon)
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Bitcoin Gaming Earn
(get paid for playing games)
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Other Services
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Mining Software

Mining Pool
(generate btc blocks, earn low amounts)